Rajat Kiinni! (Close the Borders!) is a national movement fighting to stop the uncontrolled flow of refugee-tourists.


Our goals are:

  1. Informing the public about the reasons for this uncontrolled flow of refugee-tourists, such as artificial wars fought to satisfy the greed of the banksters and the military-industrial complex.

  2. Informing the public about the consequences of this uncontrolled flow of refugee-tourists.

  3. Minimizing the number of refuge seekers.

  4. Immediate closing down of the borders for people coming outside of Europe without a permission.

  5. Immediate returning of the refuge seekers coming from safe countries.

  6. Consentrating the help to the refugee camps of the U.N.

  7. Freedom of speech.

  8. Getting the attention of the decision makers, so they listen to the people.

  9. Direct democracy.


A newspaper article related to our problem:

Rovaniemi’s city councillor leaked: Government of Finland is secretly planning to let 1.250.000 refugees in Finland

The government, the police, the Immigration Office and the Finnish Red Cross are aware of the sinister plan.

28.09.2015 19:57, 7188 lukukertaa


Member of Rovaniemi city council and city government, Liisa Mariapori, leaked today in Facebook that the Finnish government is secretly planning to enforce a law that forces municipalities to accept refugees the number equaling to 25 per cent of the population.

Liisa Mariapori

Mariapori Facebook 2

In a country of 5 million, this would be 1.250.000 refugees. Actually, there are 5,4 million inhabitants in Finland, so the number is higher.

Liisa Mariapori pikkukuva

Liisa Mariapori

Liisa Mariapori attended a meeting on the 23rd of September. The Immigration Office, police authorities and the Finnish Red Cross had arranged this meeting for the Rovaniemi city council to discuss the topical refugee issue.

“The representative of the Immigration Office said that a new law is being drafted which would mean that every municipality is forced to take 25 per cent of refugees proportioned to their population. Practically this means that 25 per cent of 5 million is 1.250.000 refugees in Finland.”

“Our whole city council was there”, she writes.

“This is true information. It is drafted in secret but I don’t know who runs it.”

In Rovaniemi’s case this would mean 15.000 refugees as Rovaniemi, a city in the north of Finland housing the world famous Santa Claus Village, has 60.000 inhabitants.

“Our economy could not possibly sustain this number of refugees”, writes Liisa Mariapori.

Source: http://mvlehti.net/2015/09/28/liisa-mariapori-suomeen-pakkolainsaadannolla-1-250-000-pakolaista/

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